Fertility & Prenatal

We work with all stages of fertility; planning, during and post IVF. Typically, it is best to come see us in the beginning stages of your fertility journey. We work along side the treatments you receive from your physician.

We work with you during your pregnancy. Acupuncture is highly effective in treating nausea and pain during pregnancy. You can receive acupuncture at any stage of your pregnancy.

Breech presentation is best treated between weeks 32-35.

Acupuncture is and effective and natural way to induce labor. We have a very successful induction percentage. Most of our patients have went into labor within 24-48 hours after receiving acupuncture.

“Towards the end of my pregnancy it became clear that my daughter was going to need a little extra help to make her exit and I saw Kyle for two acupuncture sessions to encourage labor. After my second session I went into labor an hour later!” M.D. Media, Pa