What happens in an initial visit?

In an initial visit, we explore your health history and what your personal goals are with acupuncture. You fill out the intake form via email or on an iPad in our office. Our office is digital. We use electronic medical health records in a secure and government mandated format that protects your information. After the initial consult, the practitioner will step out of the room for you to undress to your level of comfort. We practice conservative draping for your modesty and ours. All of our linens are changed after each appointment.

The practitioner will enter the room and start a physical diagnosis beginning with checking your pulses and looking at your tongue. We have a rather complex system in Chinese medicine that allows us to get an internal picture of your body by feeling your pulses at your wrists. The pulse we are feeling for is the same pulse in western medicine, but in Chinese medicine, we believe the pulse has 27 qualities, six positions to help us understand what’s going on inside the body. When looking at your tongue, we are looking for shape, color, and coat. The tongue is another way for us to understand what might be happening internally.

After the exam, we begin by placing needles in specific places. We place the needles; we leave the room with a pager system for 20 minutes. If you need us, you can push the button on the pager at any time. After twenty minutes, the practitioners returns and removes the needles and checks your pulses once again. In Chinese medicine, the needles are retained for twenty minutes because we believe the body circulates through the meridians (channels) every 24 minutes, so in a 20-minute session, we can work with the whole energy system.

Does acupuncture hurt?

Some points you feel more than others. Everyone feels different things; the feelings are quick and usually only at the time of insertion.

Do I have to undress?

You can undress to your level comfort- meaning keep on whatever you would like and take off whatever you would like. You are draped underneath a sheet and blanket.

Do you accept my insurance?

We accept most insurance, but not all insurance covers acupuncture. If you want to find out of you have coverage, please call our office at 610-565-9642. Verification of insurance can take up to 72 hours.

How does using my health insurance work?

If you have coverage, we will bill your insurance company directly. Sometimes the checks are mailed to your house, in which case, you would bring the check in to the office on your next visit.

What happens if I have a deductible?

Every plan is different. Some plans have limited coverage before your deductible is met. When we verify your health insurance, we will discuss the information about your plan.

Do I have a co-pay?

Most insurance companies do have a co-pay. When seeing an acupuncturist, it is the listed amount for a specialist visit.

What if I have a health savings account (HSA)?

A health savings account is a way for employers to decrease the amount of cost for employees to have insurance coverage. The HSA plans tend to have a high deductible meaning. You can use your HSA to cover expenses related to treatment.

Can I use my Flex spending account for acupuncture?

Yes, you can use your flexible spending account for acupuncture.

Is acupuncture tax deductible?

Yes, ask your accountant for the specific information about your local laws concerning itemizing acupuncture. Acupuncture is a valid form of health treatment according to the Federal government.

Will I get a bruise?

Sometimes bruising occurs, it heals like most bruises would.

Should I feel pain or sensations after a treatment?

Sometimes you can have residual sensations after a treatment. If you have any questions always feel free to call us or email us.