Chinese New Year: Year of the Pig

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Better late than never. We had some formatting problems on the website. This is a little late to introduce the Chinese New Year.

Chinese New Year versus January 1st New Year

The Chinese year is based on the Lunar Calendar, instead of the solar (Gregarian) calendar that we observe in the West. The New Year does not have a set date. The Chinese New Year ranges from January 21st to February 20th. Chinese New Year is also known as the Spring Festival or Lunar New Year. Traditionally, this was a day to pray to the Gods for a plentiful Spring harvest. They would fight off demons and monsters with firecrackers and the color red.

These traditions carry on today with Chinese New Year being the day the most fireworks are set off in the world and all decorations are the color red. Traditionally, children are given small red envelopes containing money. The act was to transfer wealth from the elders to younger generations. Now a days, friends and family can transfer red envelopes via the WeChat app. Many people also add red clothing to their wardrobes for the upcoming Spring, to help them start fresh and to bring them luck.

The Chinese New Year begins on the New Moon, which falls on February 5th 2019 and ends on January 24th 2020. There are 12 zodiac animals and 5 elements represented in Chinese Astrology. 2019 is the year of the Yin Earth Pig, the 12th and last of the zodiac animals.

Year of the Pig

The year of the Pig is said to bring joy, friendship and love. The pig attracts success in all aspects of life and is a good year to make money and invest. The pig is a symbol of wealth in Chinese culture. People born in the year of the Pig (1947, 1959, 1971, 1983, 1995, 2007, 2019) are known to be stylish, kind and generous. Some may view them as superficial but their spending is due to their wanting to enjoy life to the fullest and to please others.

Pigs can often be found in family and social settings. They seek inner peace by enjoying time alone in the countryside breathing in fresh air. Pigs are very temperate, forgiving, seek peace and balance in life. When they have a goal in mind, they work very hard at achieving it. At times, they need to be reminded to take breaks. Although their body types tend to be robust, they are prone to laziness and indulgence which can cause illness if they aren’t careful. They must take care not to ignore early signs of disease before it develops into something more serious.

What to expect this year

So what does this all mean for you in 2019? After a serious 2018 ruled by the Dog, it is time to celebrate! Enjoy luxuries but be mindful not to let the bills pile up while you are indulging. If you have been stressed, it is a good year to take a vacation. 2019 is also a good year for career planning, but wait until 2020 (the year of the Rat) to take on any big endeavors.

Since 2019 is an Earth year, which rules the stomach in Chinese Medicine, you should focus on maintaining a healthy diet by learning how to cook seasonally and include medicinal herbs in your food to optimize health. Socializing and maintaining good interpersonal relationships is also important. This year, take a good look at your relationships, prioritize those that are positive influences and rid yourself of negative relations. Especially those that tend to take advantage of your generosity.

Looking for balance? Chinese medicine is the way. Written by Jenna Ferraiolo, Licensed Oriental Medicine Practitioner, Diplomat Oriental Medicine, Chinese Herbalist Learn more about Jenna here!