COVID-19 Coronavirus Clinic Update

Information about our clinic and COVID-19. By Jenna Ferraiolo L.O.M and Kyle Williams L.O.M.

Clinic info

Awaken Integrative Wellness has temporarily closed our clinic doors. Learning new ways to how we can keep engaged with you, our patient, to give you the support you need at this time. We will continue to remain closed as long as the stay at home order is in place. We anticipate as the curve starts to slow, we will make announcements via our blog and on Facebook.

Video blogs and blog posts are some of the ways we are working to bring information to you. We’ve run into some learning-curves, but I am happy to announce that we should have our first video for low back pain posted this week!

Since COVID-19 began in China, there is a lot of research on how Chinese Medicine, primarily herbal medicine, has been used. It is our duty as Chinese Medicine practitioners in the U.S. to use this knowledge to help our patients remain healthy and to support your health with Chinese medicine. Chinese medicine is not about focusing on treating symptoms; it is preventative medicine, chronic care, acute care and treats the whole person.


Immune response

There are many ways to increase the immune response. Having a healthy hygiene regiment includes social distance, washing your hands, staying hydrated, restful sleep, and getting adequate exercise. Vitamins A, C, D, and Zinc are essential in keeping the immune system functioning optimally. You can purchase Designs for Health supplements here (Click here). Use the practitioner code KYLEWILLIAMS. The supplements can be delivered right to your home.

Meditation is a proven way to decrease stress and to increase immune response. We recommend either Headspace or the Calm app. Both platforms are straightforward to navigate, and they have many options for beginners to advanced meditators. Headspace has recently added exercises and mindful walking sessions.

The Chinese herbal prescription Yu Ping Feng San is proven to be very useful in boosting immunity. Most of the Chinese herbal medicines available for immune support are presenting challenges to ordering them as supplies are high in demand.


Chinese medicine is not a one-size-fits-all medicine.We’re able to offer Telehealth sessions through our HIPAA compliant platform. You can make appointments via email at We can help to establish exercises, acupressure, diet and nutrition, breathing exercises, and meditations. We will have 30 minute telemedicine times to book with either Kyle or Jenna throughout the week. The 30-minute sessions are $90.00. The fee does not include any herbs, supplements, or food.

  1. Guided meditation and breathing exercises
  2. Instruct you on at-home exercises, acupressure points, meridian massages
  3. Discuss dietary recommendations
  4. Instruct you on cooking specifically recommended foods; bone broths, congee, herb-infused teas, and soups
  5. Create a customized herbal prescription for you
  6. Discuss an exercise plan of tai qi, qi gong, yoga for pain relief

We invite you to connect with us to let us know what you are most interested in. The information will help us to theme one of our upcoming videos or blogs. We are committed to continuing to be an integral part of your life and healthcare team.